Would you like to bring life and vitality back to your lawn? Lawn regeneration, aeration, scarification, weeding and fertilisation. All you need for a beautiful lawn!




Keeping your lawn in good condition is one of the best ways of making your garden look good. On the way of experience we realised that having a beautyfull lawn may be not as easy as most 'Lawn care Guides' says. Lawn may react differently to different environmental conditions, that's why it's importnant to understand the cause of the problem. 


For healthy and beautyfull lawn we recomend following lawn maintenance treatments: 


After the years of experience in the lawn care service, we have created a unique Regeneration Lawn Program. Not only to improve the condition of Grass, but remove the disparities we cause to improve turf and physico - chemical properties of the soil. Complete lawn renewal program lasts about 6-8 weeks depending on time of year and weather conditions.

Our home lawn regeneration system contains 10 treatments that are carried out on golf courses and the best football stadiums in the world.

The whole process needs only two visits to our specialists to create a new, dense and lush green turf within 6-8 weeks. This is all without the clutter of the liquidation of the old and the establishment of a new lawn!

The complete program of regeneration will cost you approximately ΒΌ of the price you have to pay for the establishment of the lawn!

The benefits of our Lawn Regeneration Program:


How much does it cost? 

Our lawn regeneration program prices vary depending on the size of your lawn and your preferences in regards to the use of fertislisers and additional treatments. During the first visit we will carry out the assestment to establish the treatment program required providing you with recomended lawn care treatment plan usually on the following day. We will discuss with you the treatment with full respect to your preferencess leaving you in full controll of you decissions and budget. 


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