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General gardening, soft landscaping, lawn maintenance, hedge trimming and small trees pruning, flower bed maintenance, weeding etc...
All windows cleaning, window frames, ledges, doorsteps and doors cleaning. All PVC and woodwork cleaning!
Preparing the ground for turfing
Patio, driveway and decking washing, all pressure washing
End of tenancy and spring cleaning service tailored to your needs...

Our lawn care program is adapted to the individual need of the site, and your regional expert from the ZZ Domestic will adjust the treatment to the needs of your lawn.We recomed carrying fertilising four times a year every 8 weeks: early spring, early summer, late summer and autumn.

Spring (March-May)

During the first sunny spring days we use unique granulated fertiliser designed to work during lawer temperatures for an about 8 weeks. In addition, we use liquid fertilizers strengthening immunity - this gives the green color of the lawn much earlier than when using only granulated fertilizers. In the case of very weedy lawn we use low-temperature dee-weeding spray formula to get rid of weeds such as daisies, dandelions, clover and others.If your lawn is struggling with moss, disease or pests - we can deal with these problems too!

During this period, we also recomed scarification, aeration, re-seeding and lawn top dressing.


Early Summer (June- July)

Here we use granulated fertilizer + foliar nutrition, feeding the lawn for the next 2 months. Here we also emphasize the slow vertical growth and density of your lawn, and we analyze weeds. We achieve great green color by using the formulas reach in iron and nittrogen which have pritective effect and strenghtens grass during the summer period of moderate draught. 
On special request we can carry further treatment which support water storage in the pors of the soil (
weeting agent

Late summer lawn care (August-September) 

We continue lawn care feeding your lawn for the next 8 - 10 weeks. At the same time, we offer protection against certain diseases such as red rust, dolar spots, brown pathces and fusarium mold or slime. We fight moss, which can occur after a hot and humid period. During this period we also suggest scarification, aeration, reseeding, and top dressing.

Autumn Lawn care (september - november) 
We use a special autumn concentrated nutrient, which perfectly prepares the lawn for the coming winter, ensuring its healthy and beautiful appearance in early spring. Care is focused on solving the seasonal problems, including the moss growth prevention. Fertilisers applied during the autumn will ensure that your lawn will stay green even in winter. During this period as an additional treatment we recomend liming.

Poly - Plus is a world leading technology that provides grass with optimum supply of nutrients. It provides the basis for outstanding performance and high efficiency of all our fertilizers. 

  1. The externall nutrients coating - consists of natural fat of solid stable consistency. During the biological decomposition leaves no waste. The thickness of the shell thickness determines how quick the nutrients are realised. It prevents overdosing and minimizes leaching of nutrients even in sandy substrates.