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After 4-5 years, the ability to reproduce natural turf drastically decreases. Poor grass can not cope with strong weeds and diseases. Reseeding is one of the best ways to compact, dense and lush green lawn.

What is reseeding?
This procedure consists in sowing seeds on an existing lawn without digging. It's an easy way to fill the gaps in our lawn, to improve its density, increase biodiversity and improve the colour.
If your lawn looks old and 'tired', and doses of fertilizers are becoming higher or disease attack it that means you lawn is  an ideal candidate for this surgery. Regular reseeding, compensates for the natural reduction in the reproductive capacity of the old lawn. This surgery will have two primary benefits:
  • Your beautiful lawn will still be thick and lush green. Thick grass will defend easier  against weeds,
    if you carry on mowing at the right height 
  • Second advantage is the increased resistance to disease

Advantages of reseeding
Many older lawns are composed of different, unused grass species. Typically, they are more susceptible to disease and require more fertilization.
Reseeding of the new varieties of grass increases the diversity of our lawn which makes them more resistant to disease, pests and harsh conditions such as drought, frequent use or shading. Proper reseeding is one of the lawn care treatments, that help fight the moss. Most important, however, is that your lawn will become healthy, dense and lush green again.
We recommend reseeding seed preferably after scarifying and aeration and along with sanding / top dressing and levelling the lawn. We also use a fertilizer accelerating germination and rooting of grass seeds.

Before dreseeding...
Old lawn may be dying or decaying for many different reasons. Serving fresh seeds will help us to improve the appearance thinning fragments or complete bare patches.
But first, we need to carefully analyse the problem that destroys the grass. Anything can be a cause of bad conditions so even the new grass may be destroyed.

What can be improved?
  • poor soil conditions
  • poor drainage
  • soil compaction
  • poor irrigation
  • enough nutrients
  • poor aeration
  • little sunlight
  • Felt Layer
  • improper mixture of grasses
  • general neglect
If it is difficult to determine the source of the problem to you, our representatives will help you. The main thing is to get rid of the problem before we decide to reseed.
ZZ Domestic pprovides lawn renovation treatments such as: reseeding lawn, lawn regeneration, liming, aeration, scarification, lawn weeding, moss removal, lawn sanding in following areas:
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Norfolk
  • Suffolk