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General gardening, soft landscaping, lawn maintenance, hedge trimming and small trees pruning, flower bed maintenance, weeding etc...
All windows cleaning, window frames, ledges, doorsteps and doors cleaning. All PVC and woodwork cleaning!
Preparing the ground for turfing
Patio, driveway and decking washing, all pressure washing
End of tenancy and spring cleaning service tailored to your needs...


How soil works
The natural chemistry that goes on in your soil changes with the seasons as grass clippings decompose, nutrients break down and soil ages. Different kinds of plants need different kinds of soil chemistry to thrive. Soils are classified as acid, neutral or alkaline, depending on their chemical reaction. That reaction determines how much of each nutrient will be available to the plant and is measured by a pH test, a routine part of any soil analysis.
Why lime?
Turfgrasses grow best in a neutral soil and natural processes tend to make it acid over time. Lime applied to the lawn when its ph is too acid, restores the neutral reaction and your grass grows better. 
ZZ Domestic provides soil analysis as a part of a lawn treatment service (no addtitional charge) to establish the mineral structure of the soil. The results will advise us if we need to lime your lawn and how much to apply.
Liming also prevents the formation of fungal diseases and moss on the lawn and prevents the occurrence of pest larvae especially affecting grass in early spring.  ZZ Domestic lawn liming treatment is performed both - as a standalone treatment, and at the same time with stage IV care.